Theme Building: Setting a Rustic Hipster Vibe

One of the hottest themes these days is Rustic Hipster.  A seemingly paradoxical combination of young urbanite and rugged outdoorsy, this popular motif features accents like twine, burlap and good ol' fashioned mason jars.  Warm, earthy browns add that classic outdoor look.  It's easy to be overwhelmed in trying to set the right tone, but it only takes a few thoughtful items to set the vibe.

Mood Setting

A must-have item is a typically Rustic Hipster banner.  The most popular types are the card stock version and the burlap version.  The best bet is the burlap version which immediately gives it that classic Northwestern outdoorsy vibe.

Party Favor Bag Tags

What better way to remind your guests that you appreciate their attendance that a Goodie Bag?  Well, the better way is with a Rustic Hipster card stock bag tag.  Available in packs of 50, our card stock bag tags are that little extra reminder of just how good a time was had celebrating your new child!

Party Favor Swag

With all the focus on the coming baby, it's a good idea to make sure the adults in attendance feel appreciation too.  Help them open their own bottles when they get home with a nifty, crafted metal bicycle bottle opener to wrap up the Hipster theme.  While the party may be over, the ride is just beginning!