Reveal Collections: Jack-or-Jill-o'-Lantern

Having your Baby Reveal party in the Fall and want to embrace the Harvest without drenching everything in Pumpkin Spice?  Why not get the whole party involved in the big reveal with a group carving event, culminating in the big announcement!


1) At your local farm or store, grab several small-ish pumpkins for carving. 

2) Pick up some Jack-or-Jill-o'-Lantern Carving Sets.

3) Order three sets of our LED tealights, a white batch, a blue batch and a pink batch.  Send them off to your Master of Ceremonies (MC), the person who is going to be entrusted with the secret of your baby's gender.

4) Have your MC remove one white LED tealights and replace it with either a blue or pink LED candle, depending on the gender of the baby.  Set aside those 24 LED tealights (the 23 white ones and 1 blue or pink one) for the carving event.  Take the remaining pink/blue LED tealights and save those for decorations.  (Tip: Make sure to only put out an even number of pink and blue LED tealights as decorations.  An astute guest might notice one missing and spoil the reveal!)

The Reveal

1) Have your guests organize teams.

2) Instruct them to carve baby-themed Jack-or-Jill-o'-Lanterns.  Give 15 or 20 minutes to complete their masterpiece.

3) As they're carving, hand out the LED tealights to each team.  Be sure to tell them to leave them off until instructed.  Make sure every LED tealight is given out.  It's no fun, if the blue/pink LED tealight is not handed out!

4) Enjoy the party and wait for it to get dark.

5) When it's dark enough, have each team present their Jack-or-Jill-o'-Lanterns one at a time.  At then end of their presentation, have them light the LED tealight.  As each team lights up their pumpkin the tension will build until the big reveal - that blue or pink LED tealight!