Reveal Collections: The Diver Kit

This is an idea we came up with in a brainstorming session exploring ways to link the hobbies of parents to be to their baby reveal party.  For this idea, we imagine a couple that enjoys swimming or scuba diving would be a great fit!  This concept also combines an element of anticipation as you have a dramatic period of time where the father-to-be is retrieving the bottles and giving them to Mom.  

The Baby Reveal Diver Kit works very simply, you have the gender reveal written in a 'message in a bottle' that you sink in any body of water, allowing the father-to-be to dive down, find them one at a time and present them to Mom.  One by one she can open the messages until the bottle containing the gender is discovered.   

1) The first element is a small corked glass container.  It's important that the containers fit snug so that they can create a water seal, but can be pulled it a reasonable amount of force.

2) Next, you'll want to pint two template messages to be rolled up and put in the bottle.  The way we have this imagined, you will fill all of the bottles with 'Keep Looking' messages and one will have the actual baby gender.  The best case scenario is that father-to-be takes a few dives down before discovering the gender reveal bottle.  

3) We laminated the paper before rolling it up and putting it in the bottles as we were thinking there is a potential for the paper to get a bit wet.  If you trim them to the right length (approximately 3inx6in), they fit nicely inside.  

4) In order to get the bottles to sink, we recommend using our White Natural River Sand.  It's a gender neutral color and will disguise the notes in the glass bottles so that father-to-be cant see the rolled up message inside.  It should be just enough weight to get the messages to sink, but just in case you may want to use a fishing sinker if they seem to be floating back up.    


5) Randomly put the bottles in place underwater before your party-goers arrive.  Explain how the reveal will work to your surprised and delighted attendees, and you're off and running.  Of course the father and mother will want to know the game in advance so that they can be prepared (and having swimming apparel).  

We hope you enjoy the Diver Kit reveal, we had fun preparing it!  Please send us photos and we may feature you in BabyReveal.Party.  


baby reveal diver kit