Games Guide

One of the best ways to liven up your Baby Reveal Party is with games.  Games are a great way to get all your guests interacting with each other and boost the atmosphere of the event with higher energy.  While we post new games in our Ideas & Tips blog, here's a run down of some basics to get you started.

The Classics

The Diaper Game

Perhaps the most well-known Baby Shower/Reveal Party game, the Diaper Game is as straight-forward as it gets.  

Prep: Grab a pack of diapers, buy 10 different candy bars, and get mashing and melting.  Label each diaper with a different number and place a different mashed and melted candy bar inside.  Be sure to write up an answer sheet so you remember which candy bar is in which diaper!

Game time: Lay out all the diapers on a table or pass them around.  Have each participant fill out a piece of paper listing their guess.  At the end of the game score each participant's sheet.  Most correct guesses.  If you need a tie-breaker: first one to each a mashed and melted candy bar wins!

Baby Bottle Chug

Another classic game, which is especially good for quieting any smack talkers in attendance.  The goal is simple, drink everything in the bottle before anyone else finishes.

Prep: Pick up 10-20 inexpensive clear baby bottles and a drink of your choice.  Apple juice works well, but anything with color will suffice so that non-participants can watch with enthusiasm.  Pre-fill each bottle with the same amount of drink.

Game time: Wave the start flag and watch as your participants realize how much effort it actually takes to chug a baby bottle.  First one to finish wins.

Modern Takes

The Fifty-Fifty 50/50

Sometimes things need to be livened up with some friendly wagering.  The fifty-fifty 50/50 let's guests put their money where their mouth is.

Prep: Set up three containers on a table.  Label one "Boy", one "Girl", and one "Cash".  Instruct participants to place $1 (or any amount you chose, but make sure it's equal for everyone) in the Cash container, write their name on a slip of paper, and place it either in the bucket for either gender.

Game time: Once the gender is revealed, draw a name out of the winning bucket.  That person gets to take home 50% of the cash container with the other 50% going toward baby supplies for the new arrival.